Dusenberry Martin Racing - About DMI
OUR Philosophy
Dusenberry Martin Racing is committed to delivering the best possible NASCAR digital games to a wide range of NASCAR fans. The company is focused on bringing NASCAR racing game experiences to all digital media devices. In addition, Dusenberry Martin Racing is producing "made for NASCAR fans" games that include classic games, co-branded games and new and engaging NASCAR casual games.
Dusenberry Martin Racing is a digital games publisher and developer focused on delivering fun and engaging NASCAR branded games. The company is dedicated to bringing high quality digital and socially interactive game experiences to the marketplace. We have a team of "best in class" digital media experts that develop, market and sell Dusenberry Martin Racing games to NASCAR fans.
Tom Dusenberry
"It’s all about the fun" has been a consistent theme in the 30 year career of games executive, Tom Dusenberry.  As a former CEO of Hasbro Interactive, Games.com and Atari, Mr. Dusenberry is closely associated with great games such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Frogger, Star Wars, NASCAR, Roller Coaster Tycoon and hundreds of other well know game brands.  Tom has skillfully integrated fun and engagement into games on multiple hardware platforms.
Tom intuitively recognizes opportunities in the ever changing games market, and he encourages his team to embrace the challenges that inevitably accompany change.  Tom is a creative and strategic thinker who can expand existing markets and develop new markets.  He is driven and determined to "make it happen."  This determination has brought Mr. Dusenberry full circle in the world of NASCAR.  His first NASCAR hit, NASCAR HEAT, was a CD-ROM version created for PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy published in 2000.   As CEO of Dusenberry Martin Racing, the world is a very different place, but fun still exists on game platforms not yet dreamed about in the year 2000.   Dusenberry Martin Racing is poised to capitalize on new technology and expand the NASCAR brand to create ground breaking digital consumer products that bring NASCAR racing fans and game players even closer to the action.
Tom will draw upon his years in the corporate world in addition to his entrepreneurial skills honed after founding his own company, Dusenberry Entertainment, Inc.  He brings a wealth of experience to every aspect of the interactive games industry.  Tom has been married for 36 years and has two grown sons.  He has deep community roots and is affiliated with several boards, worked as a youth basketball coach for 8 years and was the owner of his son’s Late Model race car team.  He enjoys keeping his competitive nature sharp on the golf course.  
Ed Martin
Ed has been a prominent player in the motorsports video game and licensing world since 1994 when he joined Papyrus Design Group – the first NASCAR licensee in games. Over his nearly 20 years as a licensee in the interactive entertainment space, Ed has been an executive leader at all 4 NASCAR licensees (Papyrus, Hasbro Interactive/Atari, EA Sports and Eutechnyx) as the segment grew to become one of NASCAR’s top 3.

Ed has helped to evolve NASCAR games from PC to among the first online racing game, to the console, through multiple console transitions and recently, into mobile platforms.

Ed has also been a leader in leveraging the technology of video games and the partnerships in NASCAR to evolve it from "games" to "interactive entertainment" – including relationships with broadcasters such as FOX Sports, online sites such as NASCAR.com and even within the sport for training and simulation. Ed now serves as President of Dusenberry Martin Racing.